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Paganakan Dii Tropical Retreat

Paganakan Dii Tropical Retreat


Forest room for a special two night package for two!

Located in Sandakan, Sabah, Borneo

Paganakan Dii Tropical Retreat: A quaint, tropical retreat hidden away among the trees and perched on a little ridge. The starting point to a discovery of the Sepilok forest, the orang utans, bornean sunbears, proboscis monkeys and Borneo’s other wonderful wildlife.

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Proceeds go to fund the PAWSE campaign which will build a network that facilitates connectivity between wildlife protection enforcement agencies, native communities, local schools and Sabah-based wildlife conservation organizations. PAWSE is dedicated to providing innovative education for communities in Sabah that currently participate in illegal wildlife practices, while providing resources for developing sustainable wildlife practices and alternative income opportunities.

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Forest Room, Two night package for Two

Go to resort website for more info.


The PAWSE campaign provides education, training and resources to villages in Sabah, Borneo to stop the illegal hunting and trade of Borneo’s endangered wildlife. PAWSE, Protective Action for Wildlife in Sabah through Education, is an educational campaign formed by the Sabah Wildlife Department and Danau Girang Field Center that promotes environmentaly-sustainable community development via a renewably-powered Jungle Bus.


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