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Sunbear Survival

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  • Contribution reward. Sun bears are the least known and least studied species of bear. Male sun bears range from 60-150 lbs. (20-40 kg), while female sun bears range from 40-80 lbs. (30-70 kg). Sun bears live in the tropical forests of Borneo. They are the most arboreal of all bears, which means they spend most of their time in trees. They each have a unique “sunshine-patch” on their chest.

    This limited edition (size x size) color photographic print is mounted, signed by artist on the back and ready for display.

    Proceeds go to fund the PAWSE campaign which will build a network that facilitates connectivity between wildlife protection enforcement agencies, native communities, local schools and Sabah-based wildlife conservation organizations. PAWSE is dedicated to providing innovative education for communities in Sabah that currently participate in illegal wildlife practices, while providing resources for developing sustainable wildlife practices and alternative income opportunities.

  • The Story Survival of the Sun Bears is a conservation campaign focused on building a global awareness of sun bears, and what they need to survive. We are working to create story-telling media that shares the story of sun bears in Borneo. Media developed is made available to non-commercial parties for education, advocacy, and fundraising. […]

Showing all 2 results