Will sun bears survive without the world’s attention?

SURVIVAL OF THE SUN BEARS is a documentary made as a conservation call to action, and we’re raising funds to complete the post-production of our film.

Have you ever wanted to be a movie producer? Here’s your chance! Everyone who donates to help fund the post-production of Survival of the Sun Bears will be listed in the credits of this documentary. Everyone who donates $1,000 or more will be listed in the credits as Co-Producer! Once we reach our funding goal, we’ll keep you posted on our progress and you will be invited to view a sneak peek of the final documentary!

Please join us. Your action now can help save sun bears and ALL the other wild animals that share sun bear habitat!

This film will be provided FREE to youth, educators, and the public as a way to create awareness about sun bears and their struggle to survive in the Bornean rain forest. People know about the plight of polar bears and pandas, very few people have heard of sun bears. Sun bears are the LEAST studied bear species. They are vulnerable to extinction.

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Bear Trust International
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Survival of the Sun Bears is a conservation campaign focused on building a global awareness of sun bears, and what they need to survive. We are working to create story-telling media that shares the story of sun bears in Borneo. Media developed is made available to non-commercial parties for education, advocacy, and fundraising.     See More at Sunbear Survival

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Featured Artist: Jocelyn Stokes is a photographer and film maker, who is using these media to tell stories that convey powerful messages and promote wildlife conservation

Conserving and protecting the diverse ecosystems of our natural environment is essential. I strive to embody these principals through my lifestyle and advocate for them through my work and art.